terms and conditions

For the purpose of this agreement ice cream is a product of JGH Internet (Pty) Ltd (referred to as JGH) and MyTennis Network a product of JGH.
The terms user/subscriber and client herein refer to individuals, groups or organisations who are using the ice cream software and/or are paying a licensing fee for access to the software and/or commenting on an ice cream website.

The content added to the ice cream websites is not monitored by JGH and therefore JGH can not be held liable for misrepresentation, unlawful behaviour and/or infringement of any sorts. Views and opinions expressed directly or indirectly by ice cream users are not the views and opinions of JGH. Content includes images, copy, media and any other form of digital communication. Any commenting that takes place on the ice cream network is open to scrutiny and subject to public discrimination, disapproval and creditation. All ice cream users tacitly agree to the ice cream user terms and conditions by interacting with any one or more of the ice cream websites.

The ice cream software can be used to develop and network websites. ice cream can be re-sold by independent operators (designers, freelancers, agencies, etc). The ownership of ice cream and its source code lies solely with JGH and is exclusive to the JGH web servers and will never be disclosed. Users may not resell, sub license or charge others to use or access the software, unless specified in a separate agreement. JGH will provide automatic upgrades to improve ice cream (e.g. next version release upgrade). Each ice cream user, i.e. client, understands that various technologies may not be consistent across all platforms and that the performance and some of ice cream features may vary depending on the computer, software, operating systems and other equipment used.

ice cream websites will be hosted on or pointing to the JGH servers and can not be hosted elsewhere. In the event that a subscriber opts to host on an alternate server, the subscriber will still incur hosting fees as stipulated by 4ustoshare. JGH endeavours to resolve any ice cream bugs that may occur and can not be held responsible for any damages and/or loss caused to the subscriber due to bugs and/or system errors on the ice cream platform or on JGH web servers.

ice cream websites are compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 as these browsers are in line with W3C standards. Since Internet Explorer 6 is not compliant with W3C standards some sites may not display correctly in this browser and therefore we place a notification encouraging viewers to upgrade their browser.

All Content, Software and other material on this website are the proprietary property of JGH or its subscribers or users and are protected by South African and international copyright laws. All rights not expressly granted in these terms are expressly reserved.

Additional domains can be requested and pointed to websites. Domains will be managed by JGH but are owned and registered under Site Owner name. Domains take 48hrs to register. Domains will only be registered once payment has been received. To obtain domain send request to support@jghinternet.co.za.

JGH Office hours are Mon-Friday 09h00 - 17h00. Please address any communication to support@jghinternet.co.za.

Refer to http://www.mytennis.co.za?redirect=your privacy

The Client represents and warrants that it has the full personal and/or corporate power and authority to execute and deliver this agreement and to perform its obligations hereunder. The agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with South Africa legislation. Upon registration, Client agrees to the Terms and Conditions as stipulated in this agreement.