I would like to thank myTennis for the work and maintenance of Gardens Tennis Website. We put regularly posts on the website and this has effectively made the communication we have with our members much easier. But not just that, it has also helped in promoting the club in a big way. We get a lot of inquiries regarding tennis via the website, even from overseas clubs, about our structures and methods of ranking.

Our website is busy and helps to show people what is going on at the club on a social and league level.

It helped us to streamline our membership administration: members or potential members can now go online and print all necessary documentation and join quite easily from there.

We also get inquiries from advertising agencies for film and advertising shoots. Although we do not always get them, we were lucky enough to get a few this year and this certainly helped us with our cash flow.

Overall it has been unbelievably successful and the exposure we have been getting from the web has helped a lot and the funds raised have paid for the website fifty times over.


Paul de Swardt
Chairman - Gardens Tennis Club