about the network

Help us build tennis.

The MyTennis network is designed by tennis players, for tennis players.

How did it come about?

Sitting around a braai at the Garden┤s Tennis club, members decided that it would be a great idea to organise social events with other clubs, and to also know what was going on at other clubs. As some members where involved in website development they decided to create an online network which would bring the clubs together and create a larger reach.

Since then the idea has matured and now the objective is not only about social interaction, but also to create a network with a sustainable business model which supports the offline infrastructure and allow its members to discuss ideas and the future of tennis in South Africa.

How does it work?

The MyTennis network provides tennis bodies such as clubs, NGO┤S, coaches, tennis stores, ect. an interactive website where they can post news and events, event photos, and announcements and other necessary information. Content posted to the website is syndicated across the other network sites. As the MyTennis network grows we will approach larger sponsors to host events, be involved in supporting juniors, veterans and tennis in general.

It is our vision to bring back the tennis spark, to make it sexy and fun.

How does the MyTennis network support itself?

The MyTennis network charges a small annual administration fee, and income is derived through advertisement. A percentage of the advertisement income is given back to the clubs.

What we would like to achieve:


  • Within a club
  • Between clubs
  • Between clubs and province
  • Between clubs from different provinces
  • Between clubs and national body
  • The South African Club Environment
  • The South African Provincial Environment
  • The South African National Environment
  • Development of youth tennis in clubs and schools: create a synergy
  • Further development of previously disadvantaged tennis.
  • Youth competition between clubs
  • Coaching, the sharing of coaching techniques, the improvement of coaching
One Voice
  • One voice communicating our opinions and wishes to provincial and national tennis bodies.
  • Buying power: retailers stocking what we want, rather than what they want to sell.
  • Coaching and training